15 Early Warning Signs of Autism


The statistics are pretty staggering these days: at least 1 in 60 kids have an autism spectrum disorder. And you probably know by now that early detection and intervention are crucial to the child’s outcome. If autism is discovered during the first few years of life, and therapies are put in place, the child has a much greater chance at successful development. Let’s look at some of the early warning signs of autism.

Noticing early warning signs of autism

Everyone tells us not to compare our child with others, whether to our own or someone else’s children, but how can we say we don’t notice any differences if we’re really being honest? We can’t just ignore their development and tell ourselves, “They’ll talk when they’re ready” and similar statements. Sure, every baby is different, and some develop more quickly or slowly for non-concerning reasons. How are we supposed to know when to worry?

The key here is looking for a pattern. If your child does one or two things that seem a bit strange to you, that may not necessarily be the reason to send up red flags. On the other hand, if you are noticing that your baby isn’t hitting multiple milestones, or has several very strange behaviors, that’s a good reason to check in with their pediatrician. Here are some of the common early warning signs of autism to be watching for around 12-18 months and beyond.

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