First Steps

Early Signs Of Autism: 7 Behaviors Every Parent Needs To Know About

Every parent wants their child to have an easy life. Perhaps that’s why new parents watch breathlessly for traditional milestones. But today, we’re coming to understand that some children might approach those milestones differently, and that’s OK. As a society, we have a growing awareness of autism, a neurological difference where people …

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Interesting Ways Real-Life Interaction Can Help Kids with an Autism Diagnosis

The buzzing sounds, the bright colors, and the interactivity accompanying any elevideo gamkesctronic game can be hypnotizing and addicting for children struggling with symptoms of autism.While there can be educational benefits to some online games and apps, children with this type of brain disorganization become hyper-stimulated by electronic devices, negatively …

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10 Facts you should know about Autism

#1: Researchers suggest that autistic people should eliminate all dairy products, processed, packaged and canned foods, pesticide ridden foods, sodas and certain foods like strawberries and citrus fruits since they can affect the sensitive immune system of an individual with autism. A wide range of problems including nausea, whining, headaches, aggression and depression can be magnified by these foods. #2: A hormone found in …

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